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Realm Xamarin

Realm for Xamarin has launched. We’ve been working on this for almost a year now and I am very happy that we can finally release it. Realm is quickly becoming the go-to database for mobile development and adding Xamarin to the available platforms is a step in the direction of making it available everywhere. I […]
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Point is on Kickstarter

Point, the project that I have been working on for a while by now, is now live on Kickstarter. I am very excited about this. You can help us by sharing this link. If you would like to back us, please do so as early as possible as timing is crucial on Kickstarter.
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But then, so can everyone else!

Some people grow up wanting to become the world’s greatest football player. Or to make a gazillion dollars. Or to obtain political power. Personally, I am attracted to all things creative. Don’t get me wrong, I am no less vain that everybody else, I like to receive recognition and praise for my work, and if […]
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Arriving in Shenzhen

I am currently in China, working on a hardware project. I am blogging about it — read about overcoming the first culture shock here.
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That first thing on your mind: they’ve heard it before. Many times

I like networking and socializing and I tend to meet a lot of people. At a networking event a couple of days ago, I met a guy from Ukraine. The first thing that popped into my head when I heard that word was Crimea. However, I stopped myself from bringing up that topic. Not out […]
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CherryTomato Beta

I know, “beta” is kind of a strange tag as CherryTomato was already out and it was version 0.4. However, this version is a complete rewrite because I needed it for OS X. It still works on Windows though, but with a quite different user interface. The new UI is in its infancy so I […]
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CherryTomato in Mono

I received an email a few days ago from the Pomodoro Technique® legal department, informing me that I was infringing on their trademarks. The icon looks too much like their logo and it’s not clear that CherryTomato is not an official Pomodoro Technique® tool. Well it will be so even less now. 25 minutes might […]
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Runtime Assembler for C++

rtasm is a project i made in 2005 for university. It’s a runtime assembler for C++ that allows you to write code that is assembled at the very last minute. This allows you to write generic code with conditions that still performs incredibly well because they can be evaluated before loops with deep context knowledge. […]
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After a rather tedious approval process (of my company, not the app), 12months is live in the app store. It is Amma’s and my Project Getaway experiment. It’s an iPad calendar that shows you the entire year in way that makes planning easy, inspired by David Seah’s Compact Calendar. This is my first experiment with […]
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Project Getaway 2011

I am currently in Bali, at Project Getaway 2011. It’s three days in and I am very excited. Everybody here is awesome and I can already feel entrepreneurship and inspiration in the air.
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