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But then, so can everyone else!

Some people grow up wanting to become the world’s greatest football player. Or to make a gazillion dollars. Or to obtain political power. Personally, I am attracted to all things creative. Don’t get me wrong, I am no less vain that everybody else, I like to receive recognition and praise for my work, and if […]
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CherryTomato Beta

I know, “beta” is kind of a strange tag as CherryTomato was already out and it was version 0.4. However, this version is a complete rewrite because I needed it for OS X. It still works on Windows though, but with a quite different user interface. The new UI is in its infancy so I […]
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CherryTomato in Mono

I received an email a few days ago from the Pomodoro Technique® legal department, informing me that I was infringing on their trademarks. The icon looks too much like their logo and it’s not clear that CherryTomato is not an official Pomodoro Technique® tool. Well it will be so even less now. 25 minutes might […]
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After a rather tedious approval process (of my company, not the app), 12months is live in the app store. It is Amma’s and my Project Getaway experiment. It’s an iPad calendar that shows you the entire year in way that makes planning easy, inspired by David Seah’s Compact Calendar. This is my first experiment with […]
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Shower Whiteboard

If there is one thing we’ve learned from stock photography, it’s that windows make good white boards — especially for flow charts. ..well that, and that thinking big means planting a tiny tree in a very big pot and while customer support might sound like some middle-aged Indian guy it is, in fact, a hot […]
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CherryTomato 0.5 Is Out

CherryTomato version 0.5 is now out. In terms of features, this is a small release. But in terms of internal architecture, lots have changed. This is the first release after it was open sourced. Most of this release was contributed by Kore Sar – many thanks! Some of the changes that you will notice are […]
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CherryTomato is Open Source

CherryTomato is open source. I put it on Google Code a while ago but I didn’t want to make too much fuzz about it because I hadn’t tried to build it on another machine and generally wasn’t too happy with the state of the code. That hasn’t changed 🙂 However, I decided to announce it […]
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Small CherryTomato Update

CherryTomato v0.4 is out. It now shows the remaining pomodoro time in the system tray. I realized that I really wanted that feature and a number of people have requested it so here it is. There are also a number of minor bug fixes and performance improvements. There is more to do but I thought […]
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Keep Track of Your Productivity with CherryTomato

I released version 0.3 of CherryTomato a couple of days ago. It has the two most requested features so far. One is the ability to be reminded to start a new pomodoro after a break of five, ten or fifteen minutes. The other is a mini dashboard that shows a large timer. This works particularly […]
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..what are you doing here?
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