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That first thing on your mind: they’ve heard it before. Many times

I like networking and socializing and I tend to meet a lot of people. At a networking event a couple of days ago, I met a guy from Ukraine. The first thing that popped into my head when I heard that word was Crimea. However, I stopped myself from bringing up that topic. Not out […]
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Face Recognition and Privacy

I like Picasa’s face recognition feature. It does also scare me a bit when it correctly suggests that I am present in pictures that I just added. Yesterday I was walking on Strøget and I passed a couple taking pictures. I must have ended up in one of them, and just then it hit me […]
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What’s a Sonic Boom?

You know about the Doppler effect. It’s what happens when an ambulance passes you at great speed: the pitch of the siren changes. This is because the ambulance itself is moving along with the sound waves, resulting in a higher frequency reaching your ear when it approaches you than when it is moving away from […]
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Appealing to Emotions..

In Barcelona, I worked from a gorgeous studio on Plaza Real. Plaza Real is located centrally in Barcelona, right next to La Rambla and there are many many tourists. From the studio, we can observe them as well as all the people who try to make money on them. There is one juggler who has […]
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